a heart doctor with a heart
office: 630-264-1900                     ​                         fax: 630-264-1902

Cardiology Institute 

Cardiology institute

In Aurora

Services provided:

Office appointment, new / follow-ups
Inpatient care at
Presence Merrcy Hospital in Aurora or
Valley West Hospital in Sandwich
including but not limited to:
​ Chest pain or chest discomfort
Heart attacks & heart failure
Palpitation and arrhythmia
Pre-op clearances
Lipid / cholesterol management
Coumadin clinic
​ ​Pacemaker /defibrillator clinic   ​
Types of tests:
Stress tests: treadmill, stress echoes, stress nuclear, pharmacological stress tests
Echocardiogram: transthoracic or transesophageal
​ Carotid artery duplex scans
​ Holter monitors and event monitors
Pacemaker and defibrillator care

Test results will be provided the same/next business day.